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The visualization below shows positions taken by groups on bills from the 112th and 113th Congresses (2011– 2014) that came up for a vote in at least one chamber. The theory is, by looking at the number of bills supported / opposed by a given group, we can estimate its level of engagement and gauge whether events in Congress are working for or against the groups' interests. By focusing on bills that made it all the way to a vote, hopefully we're filtering out bills introduced as symbolic gestures or used for political grandstanding.

The data for this visualization comes from Maplight and the Center for Responsive Politics. The CRP, as part of its Open Data Initiative, compiles and releases large bungles of campaign finance data, including codes for industries and organizations. Maplight pulls in that data for reference while painstakingly cataloging those organizations support and opposition to versions of proposed bills.

Top Supporters
of bills up for a vote
Top Opposers
of bills up for a vote
Top 75 Most Engaged Groups
by number of positions taken


  • 2015/1/7 – Updated bill data after fixing a parsing bug that was mislabeling Senate votes